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For your convenience, this list provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you have any question currently not covered in the list, please get in touch with us here. We will reply to you at the earliest opportunity and update the FAQ list accordingly.

What average temperature is to be expected during the Great Hakka Marathon?

At this time of the year, a temperature range between 15 to 23 degrees Celsius is to be expected in this region.

What is the cut off time for the race?

The cut off time for the race is 7 hours.

Where can I find your transfers from airport/train station to the race site?

The Great Hakka Marathon provides return bus transfers for all registered participants. There will be many departures available on Friday.  Private transfers can also be arranged upon request. Please have a look here for details.

Do you have recommendations for travel and transport?

Yes. On our website and by e-mail, we do provide information on transportation and travel cost from various major cities to Xiamen. Upon request, we can also provide tailor-made packages and tours.

What weather is to be expected during the race period?

In this area, weather conditions in the middle of November are usually cool and dry, with little probability of rains. This should make for perfect running conditions.

Will energy drinks/food be provided along the course of the Great Hakka Marathon?

Yes. Energy drinks will be provided at selected water stations, and bananas will also be available there.

Will team-bookings receive preferential terms?

Yes. Teams will be booked with priority in the same hotel/hostel. For group bookings of more than 20 runners, we will arrange independent transfers and organized sightseeing programs.

Will I get anything after I have finished the Great Hakka Marathon?

Since the race is mainly directed at non-professional runners, there is no prize money for winning the Great Hakka Marathon. However, all runners who finish the race will get a medal and a certificate as a souvenir and a token of appreciation.

Do I get my money back or may I defer my registration to next year if I cannot participate (e.g. due to injury or otherwise) in the Great Hakka Marathon after I have registered?

Cancellations before a certain date will require a small cancellation fee. The closer the cancellation to the race date, the bigger the fee. Please see the cancellation terms on the entry form for details. It is not possible to defer a registration to another year.

What do I do if I cannot complete the Great Hakka Marathon after I have started?

No problem, just stop by at any of the many water stations and call for assistance.

What is the Great Hakka Marathon course like?

Simply put: Scenic and diverse. Most of the race track is within a narrow elevation range, but there are some few sections involving climbing slight hills. The race route covers different surfaces, such as country tar roads, pebble/cobble roads, dirt roads.

Is medical support available along the Great Hakka Marathon race course?

Yes. Medical assistance on international level is available prior to, during and right after the race, and all along the track there will be medical staff and doctors patrolling.

How will I know that I have been accepted as participant of the Great Hakka Marathon?

When all the necessary documents, as well as registration fees, have been received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you immediately in order to confirm your registration.  Additionally, we will also send you a service voucher with a detailed list of your booked services and items.

How will I get my race pack?

Participants of the Great Hakka Marathon will receive their race packs either by picking them up upon arrival at Collection site on race day or at starting zone at 6:30-7:30 on the race day morning.

Are massages available at the Great Hakka Marathon?

Yes. During the Great Hakka Marathon massage services will be available at the race area.

Can I use my iPod / headphones etc during the Great Hakka Marathon?

Yes. They are allowed as long as they do not interfere with other runner’s safety and convenience.

Can my family or friends accompany me to the Great Hakka Marathon?

Yes. The Great Hakka Marathon welcomes runner’s family members or friends who wish to join as spectators and to support runners. Great Hakka Marathon offers special packages and rates for spectators. Please contact us here and lets us know your requirements

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