Terms and Conditions


We will do our best to protect your personal information and that will not be disclosed or sold to third parties. But we cannot guarantee complete security for data transmissions over the Internet. Others may unjustifiably obtain access to protected data when data is transmitted and stored electronically. Please be advised that data is sent at your own risk. We will do our best to protect all data in the best possible way, but we are unable to guarantee the safety of the information provided.



Participants in an ordinary marathon are easily injured. In connection with The Great Hakka Marathon the risk is not less. The Great Hakka Marathon therefore recommends that you get a thorough medical check-up prior to running the marathon. This is also the reason for the following terms and conditions, including in particular the exclusion of liability in clauses 2-3.


By signing this document you accept that your participation in the marathon is your own responsibility and at your own risk in every respect. You accept that you cannot claim any kind of damages, indemnification or any other compensation for personal injury, damage to property or any other loss, including any kind of indirect loss in connection with your participation in the marathon, from The Great Hakka Marathon, unless you are subjected to any kind of injury or loss due to gross negligence on the part of The Great Hakka Marathon or their employees. At the same time, The Great Hakka Marathon cannot be made liable for negligence displayed by independently participating third parties or the local authorities prior to, during or after the marathon.

Full marathon runners must be minimum 18 years old on race day. Half marathon runners must be at least 16 years old. Independent Fun Run participants must be at least 12 years old on race day. Fun Run participants under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


The Great Hakka Marathon will see to it that English-speaking doctors with personal experience in running marathons are available to the participants. If any treatment that is not or cannot be carried out by these doctors becomes necessary, it will be a matter between you, the local therapists and your travel insurance. You cannot hold The Great Hakka Marathon responsible for any errors or any negligence caused by local therapists. If the doctors or other assistants at the marathon find that it would not be defensible to let a participant continue, the person in question will be taken out of the marathon. The Great Hakka Marathon does not undertake any responsibility for such a decision, which will be made out of consideration for the health of the participant.


Taking into consideration the special nature of the event, all participants are obliged to have their own insurance covering the period of the package and bring the insurance card with them.


Even though the Great Hakka Marathon is a small event, it requires the same organization and planning efforts as a major event. Therefore, the event is very dependent on voluntary contributions and sponsors, whose interests The Great Hakka Marathon must protect. As a consequence, on race day no runner may wear or promote any brand or company that may conflict with the interests of a Great Hakka Marathon sponsor. If you are considering wearing clothes with logos or writing exceeding 3×5 cm, please contact The Great Hakka Marathon beforehand for written permission.


Family, friends and other spectators are very welcome to shoot photographs or make video recordings for private use. Professional photographers must obtain written permission from The Great Hakka Marathon beforehand. All rights in relation to the Great Hakka Marathon belong to The Great Hakka Marathon, and permission to use the name The Great Hakka Marathon or pictures from the event for commercial purposes, must be obtained in writing from The Great Hakka Marathon beforehand. Participation in The Great Hakka Marathon means there is a possibility that you may be photographed or filmed during the event. All participants must be aware that there is a chance that their image could be used in promotional material.

By signing the Liability Contract the participant accept that The Great Hakka Marathon does not offer any kind of payment / settlement to the participant when The Great Hakka Marathon is using photos or live footage in which the participant may appear.


All the participants must realize that the Great Hakka Marathon is held in China and thus it has to follow the Chinese law and regulations. Any behavior by the participants that are against the Chinese law and regulations are not acceptable. The Great Hakka Marathon also would like to remind all the participants to pay respect to the local custom as the race route will pass through villages. Participants that have caused big problem due to their improper behavior for the Great Hakka Marathon risks losing their entry and will face a massive financial claim for compensation from the Great Hakka Marathon.


Provided that the political situation, natural disaster or like conditions are out of the Great Hakka Marathon’s control, inhibiting the planned completion of the Great Hakka Marathon, the race/packages will be cancelled and the payment refunded. If possible be replaced by another year’s race /packages.


These conditions, in particular the exclusions of liability in clauses 2-3, form part of your agreement with The Great Hakka Marathon. In case of any discrepancies between these conditions and the rest of the agreement, these conditions shall take precedence.


By signing this agreement, you accept that any dispute in relation to your participation in the marathon will be subject to Chinese law. You also accept that any dispute that might arise in connection with your participation in the marathon is to be decided by the Arbitration Commission in Beijing in the first instance.


The registrations come after the deadline (Oct. 25, 2016) are subject to a compulsory late booking fee.